Ten Business Cases for Northwest Alberta

Opportunity Knocks - A Case to be Made

One of the main goals of the REDI initiative is to diversify the region's economy and create new opportunities for growth and employment. Building new businesses and exploring economic development with new business cases is essential to achieve this goal, as it can stimulate innovation, attract investment, and generate value-added products and services. A pea processing plant is one example of a new business case that can leverage the region's agricultural resources and enhance its competitive advantage in the global market. By developing and supporting new business cases, the region can reduce its dependence on traditional sectors and foster a more resilient and dynamic economy.

Canola Crushing

Honey Production


Vertical Greenhouses

Peat Harvesting

Engineered Wood

Coloured Bark Mulch

Tree Seedlings

Rare Earth Elements

Minerals of Alberta (Map)

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