Ten Business Cases for Northwest Alberta

Opportunity Knocks - A Case to be Made

In 2022, the Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) commissioned Municipal Experts—a small Alberta-based consulting company that specializes in economic development and other municipal projects—to research the feasibility of 10 business opportunities tailored for the REDI Region.

The board felt it was essential to highlight the unique business opportunities that build upon the region’s competitive advantage. The aim is to encourage local investment from local entrepreneurs to stimulate our economy.

This REDI project has identified the following three businesses in the food and drink space that research supports a market for: a microbrewery, honey production and craft canola production.

In the Spring of 2023, REDI will host an investment showcase in the region.

Canola Crushing

Honey Production


For Additional Information:

Contact the REDI Manager, Andrew O’Rourke

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