A Supporting Role

REDI is committed to helping you obtain all of the information and resources you need to select Northwest Alberta as your filming destination. Please contact us directly and we will assist you in gathering images of the types of locations you are looking for, seeking out additional resources, and initiating the permitting process for Local Governments and First Nations.


Meet the Backdrop of Your Next Film Project

Filming locations abound in the REDI region. In Fort Vermilion, encounter breathtaking natural vistas complimented by historic buildings dating back to 1788. And in La Crete, experience an authentic heritage-themed museum village. There are many locations for production companies to provide a "small town" backdrop for television and motion pictures.

Meet the Backdrop of Your Next Film Project - Front CoverMeet the Backdrop of Your Next Film Project

Filming locations abound in the REDI region.


The REDI Region has a wide variety of great filming locations to offer.

Filming Projects

The REDI Region will consider the following projects for on-location filming:

  • Feature films
  • Commercial photography (for general publication and advertising)
  • Television commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Educational films
  • Made-for-television movies
  • Television programs

The REDI Region will not consider the following projects for on-location filming:

  • Projects that seemingly condone the breaking of Provincial or Federal laws
  • Projects that are considered distasteful by the general public or which are expected to be released with an X rating.


REDI and Member Municipality must be advised of all scheduled location filming in buildings, streets, parks and other properties within its jurisdiction ideally at least 30 Days in advance of filming commencement, with the exception of commercial photography and special projects.

Required Documentation

In order to film in REDI Region, a completed Filming Application Form and Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the appropriate Municipalities Planning Department.

Filming in the REDI Region

Film companies requesting permission to film in the REDI Region must ensure that:

  • Production vehicles do not block fire hydrants, driveways or other access ramps
  • Lighting for filming is oriented away from neighbouring residences
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Special Effects

Film companies and photographers must identify their intent to use special effects involving the following substances: guns, gunfire, explosives, bombs/mock ups, flash powder and detonators.

Film companies must contact directly High Level Peace Officer or Fort Vermilion RCMP and the community Fire Chief to acquire appropriate approvals for the use of these substances.