High Level

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Town of High Level


3,922 (2021 Federal Census)

High Level is the REDI Region’s ‘Gateway to the South.’ With more than 1,000 hotel rooms, the vibrant community of High Level is home to 3,922 people. This is a young community with a history intimately linked to that of its Aboriginal population and to its rich resources of forestry, and oil and gas.

Located on the Mackenzie Highway, approximately 800 km from Edmonton and 724 km south of Yellowknife, High Level is a transportation and service centre for a large trading area of more than 28,000 people. High Level provides a solid core of community services, provincial government branch offices, retail shopping, industry services, schools, a college, a hospital, swimming pool, arena and many other facilities. In addition there is a long list of active community organizations and service groups.


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