Industrial Market Analysis

Prepared for Mackenzie County and the Communities of High Level, La Crete, and Rainbow Lake, Alberta

The objective of this industrial study is to document and identify the current and future industrial supply in terms of land use, building supply, businesses as well as the number of employees and business composition.

The Study was carried out over the period of February to July 2017 and entailed the undertaking of fieldwork and GIS mapping.

La Crete Industrial Lands
Mackenzie County
High Level Industrial Lands
Rainbow Lake - Industrial Lands
High Level - Employment Chart

The Town of High Level has 44% of its employment base in businesses with between 1 and 4 employees and a total of 119 businesses in that size range. As a larger hub community, a further 19% and 18% of businesses have an employment size range from 5-9 employees or 10 to 19 employees respectively. The total number of businesses in High Level is listed at 362 which includes an estimated 91 that fall under the non-incorporated or with income less than $30,000 in revenue.

Of the total registered businesses in High Level, the primary employment-generating businesses are in “Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting”, “Real Estate Rental & Leasing” and “Transportation & Warehousing and Construction”.

Mackenzie County - Employment Chart

Mackenzie County, which includes La Crete, Rainbow Lake and Zama has 60% of its employment base in businesses with between 1 and 4 employees and a further 22% in businesses with between 5-9 employees.

In Mackenzie County however, the total number of businesses is listed at 1,352 and compared to elsewhere in the Peace Region and surrounds there is a much higher representation (786) of businesses that fall under the non-incorporated or income of less than $30,000 in revenue.