Powering Growth in Northwest Alberta

The energy sector has been a lucrative one here for 55 years since the discovery of a significant oil field at Rainbow Lake in 1965.

The estimated natural gas reserves in the region are impressive, accounting for 9.5 Billion m³ (2019).

Industrial activity is focused primarily in Rainbow Lake and Zama City: Cenovus Energy operates a large natural gas plant near Rainbow Lake and co-owns/operates a cogeneration facility with Heartland Generation.

Paramount Resources operated three gas plants near Zama City and some 400 wells. A decision in 2018 to start closing in wells prompted REDI to identify alternative electricity generation from existing natural gas wells. REDI partnered with Mackenzie County and Lionstooth Energy to complete a study that can be viewed on this page.

High Level also has close ties to the industry, acting as a service centre to the industry. More than 400 people (six percent of the regional labour force) work directly in the oil and gas industry year-round. This number swells during the peak winter exploration and drilling season when upwards of another 3,600 transient workers come to the area to work in the industry.


Comprehensive data and information on our energy industry.

Oil & Gas Industry Snapshot

An overview of the oil & gas industry here in the REDI Region. Great as a quick reference, with all the relevant details.


REDI Power Generation Strategy

This study evaluates opportunities to develop local power generation within the REDI Region and its associated communities.


Northwest Alberta Commodities

What are the products? How much is produced? Where are the products exported? How are the products transported?


REDI Power Generation One-Pager

What is happening in the energy sector in the REDI region, and how can our region take advantage of current trends to drive economic growth?




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